Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Reading

Hey Folks,
You will need to talk about your texts when we get back to school. You don't have to turn in any writing to begin with...but you should be able to use CLAIM/EVIDENCE/WARRANT to talk about your text and what makes in literary or commercial.
Also be thinking in terms of why you chose the books you did. Talk about that as well.

Your AP English 12 teachers are expecting you to have developed an organizational method that works for you. You need to be able to store materials (those we give you and those you produce) in an effective manner. You have to be able to lay your hands on the things you will need.

We also expect that you have mastered an annotation method that works for you. Use it.

Lastly (at least for now), remember that AP English 12 is intended to take the place of your Freshman English class in college. As such, we are expecting that you have the skills and desire to be a self-motivated learner. We should not have to tell you, for instance, that we expect you to have all the materials you need when needed and that we expect you to take notes on what we cover in class.

I'll be checking my email again tomorrow!