Thursday, February 12, 2009


You will be choosing to be in a group of three. PUSH YOURSELF TO LEARN FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE DIFFERENT FROM YOUR OLD STANDBYS! Note to Spanish Zoo People: If you are going to the zoo on "B" day, chose other Spanish Zoo people for your group. That way, on the bus to look at the monkeys, you can be Hamleting together!

1. In your groups, you will be examining the play for motif, irony, and characterization. You will get more details on A-day.

1. Come ready to explore motifs that you could used for your research. You and your group will be "tearing apart" the play looking for ideas, evidence, and text that you can use. Your group will look for things concerning three motifs--one that each of you is thinking of using.

Friday--Hamlet: A comedy?