Thursday, February 19, 2009


There seems to be a goodly number of students from whom the portfolio was not as important but has now become a matter of urgency. (Check Covey as needed.)

On Monday, March 2nd, in a small three-ring binder (See Forsberg if you need one) you will submit the following things from this trimester:
1. A reader's notebook entry for each of the four texts your studied this tri (three plays and your choice text).
2. Six poetry explications with the notes you took from the presentations and the notes from your presentation.
3. Your Hamlet annotation with the completed self-assessment.
4. Your reflection on your learning this trimester (check the goals you set for yourself) and goals that you will set for next trimester. Be sure to include the information from your self-assessment of annotation (details to follow).

You will be organizing all the other information into the portfolio for Forsberg to look at spring trimester. So, if you have kept up, you are ahead of the game!