Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shakespeare Source--How to get there.

Link to school web site.
Click on media center

If you are asked for a user name and password, use these:
User name (all capital letters): MAPGROREMOTE

Password (all capital letters): REMOTE001
Click on e-library
On right side of page is an icon of Shakespeare, click on it.

Click on criticism. In the second box—type in “Hamlet.”
That should get you started.

Be careful of the explicator. The explicator works mostly as a help to understand what is in the text rather than as an example of literary criticism.

Dufault says that she's been looking around elibrary, and there's a lot of junk.
Forsberg says that he's been looking around Google Scholar (advance search) type in Hamlet/literary criticism and click on humanities.

Happy hunting!