Monday, April 20, 2009

"Out, out" TSP-FASTT Nicole and Joel

As promised, here it is 4th hour:
Title: "Out, Out--" Why is it in quotations??
Speaker: Third person, not involved in the situation
Paraphrase: After an accident, a boy dies and life resumes for everyone else.
Figurative: Juxtaposition between pleasant and unpleasant, allusion, personification
Attitude: Switches between serene and stressful, calm, morbid
Shifts: shift in tone/mood between lines 9-10, shifts in tone/mood between lines 26-27
Title: "Out, Out--" is an allusion to a scene in Macbeth in which Macbeth is talking about Lady Macbeth who has just died
Theme: Life is brief and may be over in an instant, but we must not let that hinder us from enjoying out lives.