Sunday, April 26, 2009

Showcase Portfolios

Students will be assembling two showcase portfolios in and out of class for a final project. The first will be a skills portfolio; the second will be a literature portfolio.

The Skills Portfolio
Check the skills as outlined on the class syllabus. It can be found on the school web site.
You will showcase those skills as well as your ability to solve problems, to set and meet goals, to work as a group member, to accomplish work alone, to meet deadlines, and to evaluate your strengths and to overcome your shortcomings.

The Literature Portfolio will include and highlight

all the work that you have done with literature during your AP experience (11th and 12th or 12th grade).
--the reading notebooks for all the literary texts that we have study this year including those assigned as summer work
--annotations for the texts you have read
--in-class and take-home essays based on the literature you have read
--dialogue journals
--poetry: copies, presentations, and explications
--presentations that you have given based on literature
--You Hamlet paper (some may want to revise it.)

To get ready for this, recall that we have worked with these major texts: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People; Metamorphosis; The House on Mango Street; Oedipus Rex; Macbeth; Hamlet; Heart of Darkness; Things Fall Apart; Their Eyes Were Watching God.

You may want to organize your materials base on trimester and then on text. Remember we have all the short pieces we have worked with as well.

Be thinking about the improvements that you have made.