Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Skill Portfolio Presentations--What I have noticed

1. Students are using grades as evidence. Grades are weak evidence for skills.
2. Students are not spending time explaining clearly how the evidence they offer illustrates they have accomplished the goal.
3. Reading excepts from a text might be stronger evidence than simply saying, "I have included my Hamlet paper as evidence." Be sure the excerpt illustrates the skill/goal.
4. Remember you are illustrating the SKILLS that you have--not the products you have produced. Some people are focusing on the PRODUCT they are proudest of and connecting it to all of the skills they have listed. This focus is backward. Focus on the SKILL--the PRODUCT illustrates that SKILL. This is not new information!
5. I will not be collecting the portfolios. Students who want the experience of showing me the portfolio may come in after school on Thursday to do that!