Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday October 19th-Monday October 26th (with a couple of holes to fill)

Monday, October 19
Evaluation essay due.
"A Conversation with My Father" and "Indian Camp" read and annotated.
You will be working with a clock buddy to prepare for Tuesday's Inner/Outer discussion. One of you will be discussing one story and the one of you will be discussing the other. You'll have time to share insight and ideas using the annotations that you have both completed. Remember that we are always looking for meaning!
You will also be identifying one discussion skill you want to work on improving.
Your partner will be helping achieve that by listening for evidence of the work that you are doing.

Tuesday, October 20th (A-day)
Graded discussion. Come prepared to talk, to listen, to write, to learn. Have your one area of improvement listed on a sheet of notebook paper that you can hand off to your partner to use to gather evidence for you.

We aren't quite sure what we are going to do. We are open to feedback...Get it to us by Saturday, October 17th. We could have you take a practice multiple choice/poetry AP test. We could give you time to explore poetry and practice pulling it apart. We would be open to hearing suggestions about other things from you as well. BY Saturday, October 17th!

Friday, October 23rd
We will begin discussing Metamorphosis. Be ready to use your annotation to explore some things Kafka is saying and not saying!

Monday, October 26th
You will be preparing a presentation on very short passages of Metamorphosis. Be ready!

Tuesday, October 27th
Presentation and Discussion on the book begins...plan on every group presenting.