Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wednesday, October 21st and beyond

After the graded discussion today, we hope that you learned how much there is to finding the meaning in a text. It's not as simple as we may think. We want to help you get better and better at that!

Rehash the discussion and looking for meaning in texts.
Talking about the two stories and searching for meaning together.
Read time Metamorphosis or additional novel.

Friday, October 23
Visiting with a new poem--learning about enjambment
Setting groups of Metamorphosis presentations.
You can begin to do the reader's notebook for Metamorphosis, but you will want to be able to revise after the presentations and discussion.

Monday, October 26
Working in your group to get the presentation put together for Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 27th
Metamorphosis presentations
Discussion Looking at Main Characters

Friday, October 30th
In- Class essay on your additional novel. Be ready to write about the meaning of the text and examining literary devices.

Monday, November 2nd
Reader's Notebook for Metamorphosis is due. TYPED.