Friday, October 31, 2008

Additonal Novel work next week

Monday, November 3rd your analysis paper is due at the beginning of the period.

Come ready to work next week with tone, mood, figurative language, and style examples for your additional text.

Presentations B day.

In-class essay on Friday!!!

Mango the following Monday. Annotate for symbols, syntax, diction, tone, and mood.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Addition Novel Analysis

The paper due on Monday, November 3rd is a summative, FINAL product. I was stopped in the hall and told there was some confusion about what was due.


Friday, October 24, 2008

From Haroace, Book II, Ode X

Okay, I confess, I did the spell check on the poem and did not proofread it. Is there are problem with that? You bet! Just look at the goofiness of the poem copy we distributed in class. I take full responsility. Forsberg

Below is the corrected text--you can either print it out or make the corrections on your text.

From Horace, Book II. Ode X

Receive, dear friend, the truths I teach:
So shalt thou live beyond the reach
Of adverse fortune’s power;
Not always tempt the distant deep,
Not always timorously creep
Along the treacherous shore.

He that holds fact the golden mean,
And lives contentedly between
The little and the great,
Feels not the wants that pinch the poor,
Nor plagues that haunt the rich man’s door,
Embittering all his state.

The tallest pines feel the most power
Of winter blasts: the loftiest tower
Comes heaviest to the ground;
The bolts that spare the mountain’s side,
His cloud-capped eminence divide,
And spread the ruin around.

The well-informed philosopher
Rejoices with a wholesome fear,
And hopes, in spite of pain;
If winter bellow from the north,
Soon the sweet spring comes dancing forth,
And nature laughs again.

What if thine heaven be overcast?
The dark appearance will not last;
Expect a brighter sky.
The God that strings the silver bow,
Awakes sometimes the Muses too,
And lays his arrows by.

If hindrances obstruct thy way,
Thy magnanimity display,
And let thy strength be seen;
But Oh! If fortune fill thy sail,
With more than propitious gale,
Take half thy canvas in.

Reminder about late work

Students should turn in all work on time. Late work earns no points but does make it possible for students to earn bonus points when those opportunities arise. If there are extenuating circumstances, let your teacher know ahead of time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Criteria For Metamorphosis Paper

20 points
The writer analyzes the text using the formalist lens throughout. The essay is a careful and complete analysis which indicates the writer has a command of the intricacies of writing. Using specific evidence from the text and well-developed warrant, the writer builds a careful, thorough, and original argument to answer the prompt. The structure of the essay helps the writer to make the argument in the paper. The quality of the writing has sophistication with clear voice appropriate to the task at hand. While the writer might make minor grammatical or usage mistakes, they do not detract from an otherwise outstanding paper. The writer brings the essay to a conclusion which is memorable and appropriate for the analysis.

18 points
The writer analyzes the text using the formalist lens. The essay, while thorough, may not illustrate the command of the intricacies of the 20 point paper. While the evidence from the text is clear and the warrant is developed to make the analysis clear, it may lack insight that a 20 point paper would have. The writer builds a careful and thorough argument which clearly answers the prompt. It may lack originality. The structure of the essay indicates the writer has command of skills of a strong high school writer. The quality of the writing has glimpses of sophistication and moments of voice appropriate for the task, but lacks consistency throughout. The paper is a strong “high school” paper that may have noticeable mistakes in grammar and usage, but they do not hinder the reading of the text. The writer brings the essay to a conclusion appropriate for the analysis.

16 points
This paper has more strengths than weaknesses. The writer analyzes the text using the formalist lens. The essay, while thorough, may not have the clarity of writing that an 18 point paper has. The evidence from the text while clear may lack the specificity needed for the task. The warrant is developed to make the analysis clear, but may lack the originality or insight of a stronger paper. It may seem repetitive or mundane. The writer’s argument answers the prompt but may lack care in development or thoroughness. This paper may lack originality. The structure of the essay indicates the writer has necessary skills of a high school writer, but may lack the finesse of a strong writer. The quality of the writing has glimpses of sophistication and while the writing has moments of voice appropriate for the task, it is more routine than sophisticated. The paper may have noticeable mistakes in grammar and usage that may make the writer’s less clear than a stronger paper. The writer brings the essay to a conclusion.

14 points
This paper has more problems than strengths. This paper is clearly an analysis of the text. The essay may illustrate the writer’s lack of clear thought, command of argument development, or understanding of the text. The writer does not demonstrate skills needed to complete this task with care or thoroughness. Organization of this paper may work against the writer’s argument. While the evidence is from the text, it may be more general than specific. Warrants exist, but may be troubled by lack of clarity, specificity, or development. This paper may illustrate the writer’s lack of grammar or usage skills. This paper may have a trite conclusion or may lack one.

12 points
This paper has significantly more problems than strengths. While this paper is an analysis, it may lack focus. The evidence lacks specificity. The warrant, while attempted, does not clearly indicate how the evidence supports the claim of the paper. The organization of this essay may take away from the argument, it may be stream of consciousness, or it may not exist. This paper may have major grammar or usage problems. This paper may leave the reader with more questions than answers. The reader goes away from this essay disappointed.

0-10 points
This paper does not indicate a “good faith” effort to answer the prompt, to build an argument, or to indicate understanding of the text.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Reflection essay

This assignment is due Friday at the beginning of class. Reflect on how you did on the practice multiple-choice test.
What are your strengths, the areas you need practice, the hole you have and how you plan to fill them?
In addition, please put the percentage of correct answers you had on your test.
20 points. It will be graded for the quality of reflection you have completed with your plans for improvement.

AP multiple choice tests

According to Mrs. Larson, the guru of all things AP test-like, here are the ball park figures:

So, I'm guessing the 4 would be in the 65% range and 2 would be in the 35% range.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

If you missed the practice multiple-choice test...

Forsberg put the answer sheet in your folder. You'll need that to take the test.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Additional Novel Analysis Prompts

You should plan on a paper of about two pages in length that follows the writing guidelines. Choose one prompt and answer it using CEW. Be sure to cite pages in from the text. Be clear in your explanations of how the evidence you cite illustrates, supports, or proves your claim.

Choose a principal character from you work of fiction and write an essay in which you (a) briefly describe the standards of the fictional society in which the character exists and (b) show how the character is affected by and responds to those standards. In your essay, do not merely summarize the plot.

In retrospect, the reader often discovers that the first chapter of a novel or the opening scene of a drama introduces some of the major themes of the work. Write an essay about the first chapter of your novel or the opening scene of your drama and explain how it functions this way.

An effective literary work does not merely stop or cease; it concludes. In the few of some critics, a work that does not provide the pleasure of significant closure has terminated with an artistic fault. A satisfactory ending is not, however, always conclusive in every sense; significant closure may require the reader to abide with or adjust to ambiguity and uncertainty. In an essay, discuss the ending of your choice novel. Explain precisely how and why the ending appropriately or inappropriately concludes the work. Do not merely summarize the plot.

Choose a complex and important character from your text who might on the basis of the character’s actions be considered evil or immoral. In a well-organized essay, explain both how and why the full presentation of the character in the work makes us react more sympathetically than we otherwise might. Avoid plot summary.

Often great writers use the setting in the story to help express the insight meant for the reader of the text. Explore how the author of your text uses the setting to develop the text’s theme. Avoid plot summary.

Upcoming this week

Monday/Wednesday Develop discussion questions for The Metamorphosis.
Tuesday Practice test
Monday, October 20th Review test; presentation prep for The Metamorphosis
A Day Presentations
B Day Presentations

Monday, November 3, 2008 Analysis papers for your additional novels are due at the beginning of class. Prompts will be posted soon.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Hey folks,
Remember if you have questions or concerns about grades, make an appointment with your teacher for before or after school to discuss it.
If something has been entered incorrectly, give your teacher the necessary materials with a note expressing your concern.
The level of concern for students goes WAY up at mid-trimester and toward the end of the trimester. Be proactive--plan to panic early!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

College Essays

Hey Folks,
They are done. Essays were graded out 0f 40 points.
Accepted= 40
Waitlist= 36-37 approx.
Deny=34 approx.
Final grades were also effected by the parts of the process that were completed. Missing one part of the process reduced the final grade between 1.5 and 2 points.

If you completed all of the process and want the opportunity to "re-do" you can. (I would spend more time getting the essay ready for submission, myself.)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Reminder for Monday

Hey, folks!
Bring your "commerical" fiction/"literary" fiction packet for Monday. It's what you read this summer!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Homecoming week

We're writing poetry on Friday for homecoming.

Be collecting sensory images until then--you need five.
Look at things in new ways--What does school spirit taste like? What is the smell of Crimson and Gold.

Yes, I know it's cheesey--but it's homecoming--let's have some fun.


Let play with poetry!