Friday, May 29, 2009

TEWWG:Something to Think About

Tea Cake has rabies because the rabid dog bites him.
Tea Cake threatens Janie and bites her before she shoots him.
Hurston does not address whether or not Janie takes the rabies serum.
Why is Hurston being purposefully ambiguous?



Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eyes Poetry

You have the opportunity to earn an additional ten points--no penalty for not doing this--

Use Hurston's language in Their Eyes Were Watching God and create a poem that captures the theme of the novel. Challenge yourself to use both styles of Hurston's language.

Be focused.
Be clear.
Be innovative.

Ten lines or longer...
You need a typed copy for Forsberg--if we have time, students will also read their work to class.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

After School this week

I am not available after school on Wednesday.
Thursday I am available until 2:20 (interviewing team)
Friday I am available until 2:30.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Skill Portfolio Presentations--What I have noticed

1. Students are using grades as evidence. Grades are weak evidence for skills.
2. Students are not spending time explaining clearly how the evidence they offer illustrates they have accomplished the goal.
3. Reading excepts from a text might be stronger evidence than simply saying, "I have included my Hamlet paper as evidence." Be sure the excerpt illustrates the skill/goal.
4. Remember you are illustrating the SKILLS that you have--not the products you have produced. Some people are focusing on the PRODUCT they are proudest of and connecting it to all of the skills they have listed. This focus is backward. Focus on the SKILL--the PRODUCT illustrates that SKILL. This is not new information!
5. I will not be collecting the portfolios. Students who want the experience of showing me the portfolio may come in after school on Thursday to do that!


I believe I have read and responded to each email that included poetry explications or goals. Emails about individual grades and points are on my "To Do" list--but are closer to the bottom than the top.
I have had to prioritize.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Skills Portfolios Presentations

Please have a copy of your goal for your portfolio run off for me to collect from you before you begin your presentation.  Please indicate which of your skills you will be illustrating to us.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

English Portfolio

I want to give students the option to complete there English skills portfolio beginning Friday, May 29th.  This will work well for people who "want to be done."  You'll be able to be done earlier.  It will also help with sixth hour students who might be concerned that since we have only one class period the final week--they will be able to finish.

If you are interested in this option, email me.


The doctor's appointment went well.  The heart doctor doesn't think I need surgery this summer--but I have to have more tests.  I can wait until school is out for them, so things are looking good.

Wanted you to know that I should be in class until you guys are done.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



Portfolio Presentations

Your skill will be the "claim" of your presentation.
You may want to give us background about which claim you have chosen will be important for you in your plans.
You might want to define what you mean by the skill.

The product from your portfolio is the evidence.

The warrant is your explanation of how/why your product shows the skill. Be thorough in this explanation.
If you have defined the term for the skill, connect the product to your definition.

This will work both for the skills portfolio and the English portfolio.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Deadlines and Absences

If a product is due the day you are absent, the expectation is that I receive it via email the day that it's due. You don't get an extra weekend to do complete poetry explications for example.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I tried to access my school email this morning, and it's not available. I will check again later; I hope they can fix the problem before long.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 21st

Just want you to know that I have another test on Thursday, May 21st. Please plan ahead for my absence that day! If poetry presenters want to go on A day, let me know. Otherwise, we'll plan for makeup on Friday.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wednesday May 13th

I found out that I will have a valve job on my heart this summer.  I have a slew of tests that I have to have done to make that happen.  Unexpectedly, my doctor has scheduled two of those tests for me tomorrow (Wednesday), so I won't be in school.

Poetry presentations will be re-scheduled for the next class period.

I plan to be back on Thursday.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bonus Point Opportunity

The first eligible student from each class who correctly uses the word "reoccurring" in a sentence that shows understanding of the word will score two bonus points on the May 8th Terms Test. That's a 10% increase! Send it via email. Bonus Opportunity ends at 1 PM, Sunday, May 10th. Remember you must be current in your assignments to be eligible for bonus.

Mushy Minds and this Weekend

Okay, AP brains have gone to mush. Three people left planners and notebooks in my room Friday. One was nameless; the others were put into folders in the return box. REMEMBER YOUR STUFF!

If you haven't made the changes on the "pink" poetry explication sheet, be sure to change the numbers to make the assignments due on Fridays.

This weekend while you a thinking about your showcase portfolio or while you are reading Their Eyes Were Watching God, if you have a question email be and I will respond on or before 1 PM Sunday.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Test Prep Tonight and Tomorrow

1. Spend sometime outside to clear your mind.
2. Review your reader's notebook.--Don't cram--review and recall each story as best you can.
3. Get a good night sleep. You know how to do this.
4. Eat a good breakfast with some protein.
5. Have two #2 pencils, a good, big eraser, and two or three pens with blue or black ink.
6. Bring a watch if you have it.
7. Bring a snack for break.
8. Leave your cell phone in your locker or backpack or home
9. Be confident! You can do this.

The Rest of this week--and into next

--We are finishing terms presentations and prompt deconstruction before the test.
--Thursday after school essay make up time
--Friday Debrief, terms test, poetry explication assignment
--Monday discussion first 50 pages of TEWWG.
--Monday after school students who want to present their arguments for re-assessment for their Hamlet Papers--written arguments will be a HUGE help!
--Home work for "A" day: Using the syllabus for AP English 12, outline the skills that you want your skills based portfolio to illustrate.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hamlet Reassessment

Monday, May 11th will be the day that I will have after school for students who want to build a CEW case of why their paper was assessed incorrectly.
1. Build the best case you can; you are arguing to convince me my initial assessment was incorrect. If you put it in writing, I will be able to take it away from our meeting and consider your position more in-depth. (The part in red is new.)
2. Respect works more positively than disrespect.


There still seems to be some misunderstanding between these concepts. Here's what I know:

Tone is the author's attitude toward what he is writing.
Twain is often satirical. Cisneros is nostalgically hopeful. Achebe is pedantic. Shakespeare is tragic with Macbeth and Hamlet. Frost is reflective.

Mood is the emotional response the author hopes her audience will experience.
Tim O'Brien creates a mood of confusion in The Things They Carried. Shakespeare creates a mysterious supernatural mood with his use of ghosts and witches. Billy Collins creates of mood of nostalgic naivete.

Tone is in the author.
Mood is in the audience.

Hamlet Process

Two reminders:
1. Today after school is the day to take care of concerns about the process.
2. The date that is listed with your score is the end of the five-day period to earn full credit.

Monday, May 4, 2009

H of D and TFA

Finish your reader's notebook before you turn in your books.

Essay Suggestion

When you write the essay for the AP test, I would recommend that you do your planning (be sure to think about focus and organization), then write the body paragraphs.

Stream on consciousness organization is not effective.

Save the introduction until the end (as we did with the Hamlet papers), so you can be sure to include in your thesis everything you write about in your body paragraphs!

Re-read the essay when you have finished to be sure you have addressed each part of the prompt.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Practice Essay Test

Fun Review of Literature

Fun Review of Literature

Things Fall Apart

Since Monday is scheduled to be our SWAP day for books--you bring in Things Fall Apart/I hand out Their Eyes Were Watching God, I would urge you to complete your reader's notebook entry for Things Fall Apart this weekend.

AP Tests and You

I will list below the students for whom I receive AP test information. With the numbers of students absent, I have put the information in the folders in the class period you have.

If you are missing class because you are taking an AP test, it will be treated as any other pre-excused absence. If you want to earn any points that you miss, you will be accountable to demonstrate the outcomes that we have accomplished. It makes no sense to do things after the fact.

So, here goes:
Monday are the term presentations:
1. You can demonstrate understanding of the terms you were assigned and you can create a method to help others understand them as well.
2. You can demonstrate understanding of the terms that are presented by other students.

A and B days:
1. You can deconstruct AP Literature prompts to analyze what the prompt is asking you to demonstrate.

If your focus is learning, know that's what will be happening in class.
If your focus is learning and earning points, you will have to demonstrate that you have met the outcomes to me.

I have put into class folders AP testing information for the following people
Jason Bell
Brittney Rud
Annika Fink
Zach Shay
Lindsey Carlin
Alison Rigazio
Kelsey Arntson
Alec Biorn
Mehran Bratton
Lauren Budge
Marta Dilks
Nicole Doerrmann
Tim Ryssemus
Meredith Wald
Nate Wilson
Maddy Ranshaw
Shanae Kemen
Chaney McCullough
Chloe Morozoff
Cami Heroux