Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poetry Explications

"Read this one" at the top of the explication you want assessed will indicate which one you want us to read.

No Table of Contents Needed!

We talked about this in class. You can title things based on how they are identified on the blog--that will help us find things.

Friday, February 27, 2009

School View

Forsberg's students--
I have put in the final "big three" things on school view and listed them as works in progress so that you can see where you are, what's available to you, and what you must do to improve your grade.

Portfolio Email

Forsberg will be checking his school email regularly over the weekend and will respond to questions that have NOT been address on the blog.
He will not be checking his email after 1 PM Sunday.

Poetry Explications

Do NOT use "To Be of Use" or the poem you presented to class for an explication.

Poetry Explications

"To Be of Use" was a class project to practice poetry explications. It was NOT based on one of the student poetry presentations. It will not count as one of the six required poetry explications for the portfolio.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Last Ten Day (or so) of Winter Trimester

B-day Visual text study we will finish today.
Friday--Poetry annotation. You will demonstrate what you can do using the rubric you are given. There might be time for individual work as well, so bring something you can work on from the portfolio or the senior paper.
Monday--Portfolio and Practice AP test. Portfolio is due. The test will be an excerpt from Hamlet. You will have time to talk about what you have accomplished so far on the paper. By the end of the period, you should have a research question formulated and written to turn in.
A-day Annotating research resources. You can bring in a credible source that you have found. Make it a CLEAN copy or you can use the source on Macbeth that we will give you. We want to give you the chance to prepare for the paper.
B-day Computer lab. Hopefully we will be able to get in so you can have the period to dig into the assignment!

Abridged Portfolio

We have decided the portfolio will be worth 125 points.

1. A reader's notebook entry for each of the four texts your studied this trimester (three plays and your choice text). each is worth 10 points. [40]
2. Six poetry explications with the notes you took from the presentations and the notes from your presentation. (Each is worth 2 points. You can choose one that you want assessed for 20 points. You must have all six for the teacher to choose one to assess for 20 points.) [52]
3. Your Hamlet annotation with the completed self-assessment. (worth 3 points) [3]
4. Your reflection on your learning this trimester (check the goals you set for yourself) Remember to look at yourself as a reader, writer, listener, speaker, time manager, and thinker. This is worth up to 20 points. [20]
Goals that you will set for next trimester. Be sure to include the information from your self-assessment of annotation (Choose three to focus on. Write SMART goals. 10 points). [10]

Shakespeare Source--How to get there.

Link to school web site.
Click on media center

If you are asked for a user name and password, use these:
User name (all capital letters): MAPGROREMOTE

Password (all capital letters): REMOTE001
Click on e-library
On right side of page is an icon of Shakespeare, click on it.

Click on criticism. In the second box—type in “Hamlet.”
That should get you started.

Be careful of the explicator. The explicator works mostly as a help to understand what is in the text rather than as an example of literary criticism.

Dufault says that she's been looking around elibrary, and there's a lot of junk.
Forsberg says that he's been looking around Google Scholar (advance search) type in Hamlet/literary criticism and click on humanities.

Happy hunting!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hamlet Annotation

One of the reasons to use the blog is this--questions come up in some classes and not in others. This way I can answer it for all classes in case they missed it. I know I answered this question this week, but some folks must have missed it because I received an email on it Sunday.

The Hamlet annotation for Monday can be either the traditional annotations that you have done in the past--in your notebook, on sticky notes, or a copy of the dialog journal that you have done on it.

The reader's notebook is a different assignment. It is not annotation.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hamlet paper

The Hamlet paper has a two-fold purpose:
1. You will research and find three literary analyses of Hamlet. You will formulate your own Hamlet analysis based on what you synthesize from your research.
2. You will deconstruct a writing assignment to complete individual components of it.


There seems to be a goodly number of students from whom the portfolio was not as important but has now become a matter of urgency. (Check Covey as needed.)

On Monday, March 2nd, in a small three-ring binder (See Forsberg if you need one) you will submit the following things from this trimester:
1. A reader's notebook entry for each of the four texts your studied this tri (three plays and your choice text).
2. Six poetry explications with the notes you took from the presentations and the notes from your presentation.
3. Your Hamlet annotation with the completed self-assessment.
4. Your reflection on your learning this trimester (check the goals you set for yourself) and goals that you will set for next trimester. Be sure to include the information from your self-assessment of annotation (details to follow).

You will be organizing all the other information into the portfolio for Forsberg to look at spring trimester. So, if you have kept up, you are ahead of the game!

Zoo Goers

The expectation is that you will have the evidence that you worked three motifs with your group your notebook. Each should illustrate 15 minutes' of work.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bonus Point Opportunity

I have all I need.

Hamlet and Annotations

You need to bring Hamlet and your annotations to class every day until further notice. We will be using them.


Hey folks,
Bring back your Macbeth and Oedipus books this week to insure that you don't get a fines and fees report for them.

Bring back Covey, Mango Street, or Metamorphosis to the main office.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


You will be choosing to be in a group of three. PUSH YOURSELF TO LEARN FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE DIFFERENT FROM YOUR OLD STANDBYS! Note to Spanish Zoo People: If you are going to the zoo on "B" day, chose other Spanish Zoo people for your group. That way, on the bus to look at the monkeys, you can be Hamleting together!

1. In your groups, you will be examining the play for motif, irony, and characterization. You will get more details on A-day.

1. Come ready to explore motifs that you could used for your research. You and your group will be "tearing apart" the play looking for ideas, evidence, and text that you can use. Your group will look for things concerning three motifs--one that each of you is thinking of using.

Friday--Hamlet: A comedy?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Monday's Macbeth Test

The best advice we can give you to prepare for the test on Monday is this:
1. Read the play.
2. Know SOAPSTone or TSP-FASTT
3. Complete your reader's notebook for Macbeth.

If you do these things you should be good to go!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monday's Test

It's on Macbeth.
You need to be able to use SOAPSTone or/and TSP-FASTT. Hmmm...must mean the test is on Macbeth and poetry...Hmm...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Portfolio Check List

Dufault and Forsberg have both put the PRELIMINARY check list for the portfolio in the "I" drive on the computer in the hours they teach AP. If you want to get a head start--know that things might be added to it as we move forward!

Hamlet overview

Hmmm...what if The Simpsons did Hamlet...Hmmm...