Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Last Ten Day (or so) of Winter Trimester

B-day Visual text study we will finish today.
Friday--Poetry annotation. You will demonstrate what you can do using the rubric you are given. There might be time for individual work as well, so bring something you can work on from the portfolio or the senior paper.
Monday--Portfolio and Practice AP test. Portfolio is due. The test will be an excerpt from Hamlet. You will have time to talk about what you have accomplished so far on the paper. By the end of the period, you should have a research question formulated and written to turn in.
A-day Annotating research resources. You can bring in a credible source that you have found. Make it a CLEAN copy or you can use the source on Macbeth that we will give you. We want to give you the chance to prepare for the paper.
B-day Computer lab. Hopefully we will be able to get in so you can have the period to dig into the assignment!