Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Abridged Portfolio

We have decided the portfolio will be worth 125 points.

1. A reader's notebook entry for each of the four texts your studied this trimester (three plays and your choice text). each is worth 10 points. [40]
2. Six poetry explications with the notes you took from the presentations and the notes from your presentation. (Each is worth 2 points. You can choose one that you want assessed for 20 points. You must have all six for the teacher to choose one to assess for 20 points.) [52]
3. Your Hamlet annotation with the completed self-assessment. (worth 3 points) [3]
4. Your reflection on your learning this trimester (check the goals you set for yourself) Remember to look at yourself as a reader, writer, listener, speaker, time manager, and thinker. This is worth up to 20 points. [20]
Goals that you will set for next trimester. Be sure to include the information from your self-assessment of annotation (Choose three to focus on. Write SMART goals. 10 points). [10]