Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's coming up

Monday, December 7
Policies & Procedures - No late work, the importance of a study buddy and the importance of being proactive
Annotate a practice AP Essay
Poetry presentation information
Reference your final reflection on trimester one and from that create 4 SMART goals for trimester 2 (literary analysis, discussion, time management, goal setting/reflecting) due A Day of this week
A Day
SMART goals due
Chose Partners
Chose Poems
Plan calendar for presentations
Read Oedipus up to page 26 by Friday, December 11 and finish the book by Monday, December 14
Find independent novel by Friday, December 11
B Day
Information on Choral Reading
Groups - exchange contacts
Read time - Use a dictionary/notes for dialogue journal/choral reading?/tragic flaw
Friday, December 11
Poetry presentation planning
Create outline
Create plan
Example choral reading
Choral Reading due after winter break
Independent Novel Sign Up - You may complete either a dialogue journal with a partner (keeping in mind you should be journaling in reference to the reader's notebooks) or a reader's notebook. The reader's notebook should be done alone if you decide to go with that option.

Week Two (December 14-18)
Monday, December 14
Discussion on Oedipus
Final Test on Oedipus Information
A Day
Choral Reading Practice
B day
Computer lab for Oedipus Test preparation
Oedipus test due Friday, December 18
Friday, December 18
Oedipus test due
Reader's Notebook/Dialogue Journal on Oedipus due
News Report
Updated resume due January 4
Choral Readings begin after winter break

Week Three (January 4-8)
Monday, January