Thursday, November 12, 2009

Due Dates of what's coming up!

B day (Nov. 12)

Friday, November 13

Monday, November 16--Finished with Mango!
1. Divide students in to 5 groups.
2. Students in the groups are to generate discussion questions that will promote analysis of The House on Mango Street by examining: diction, syntax, and figurative language that shapes theme.
a. Questions need to be open-ended.
b. Questions need to promote higher level thinking on Bloom’s taxonomy.
c. Questions need to span the entire text, not just a section of it.
d. Questions need to promote examination of the text.
You may use quotes.
3. Each group will choose their top two questions.
4. The class will choose 10 questions making sure the ten “Cover” all the aspects in question 4.
5. Students will write 2 individual goals – one for speaking and one for listening.

A Day
Quiz on terms
Inner/Outer Discussion (graded on warrant)

B Day
1. Students in groups of five, students will identify a lesson The House on Mango Street teaches on the following: growing up, adolescence, family, sexuality, societal responsibility.

2. When groups have identified each of the themes, one student will write a story that illustrates one of the five themes. The group must have stories that illustrate each of the themes for a collection of short stories called The School on Fernbrook Lane.

3. Discuss the text as a whole class

Friday, Nov. 20
Computer lab to write stories
Re-Write Essay Due: Friday, Worth: 20 points.

B-day before Thanksgiving (Tuesday, November 24th or Wednesday, November 25th)Reflection on Learning Paper Due: during class.Worth: 50 points.

Monday, November 30th
Portfolio Due during class.Worth: Approximately 80 points.
Reader's Notebook: The House on Mango Street. 20 points.