Tuesday, September 8, 2009

College Essay

Planning ahead.
Resume work: be ready for Friday (we may not get to it until Monday because of the assembly Friday)--have a resume that people can write on; it should not be on resume paper.

Draft one (Draft one is NOT a rough draft; rather it is a draft that you have revised on your own at least once). is due on "B" day Sept. 16th or 17th. We will peer review to revise it for content.

Draft two (a revision that is completed after the peer review on B day) is due on Monday, Sept. 21st. We will peer review to revise it for polish.

Final draft and process is due in a two pocket folder on "B" day Sept. 23rd or 24th.

This essay WILL NOT be assessed by your AP teacher, rather it will be read by someone experienced with teaching college who will rate it as "Accept," "Wait List," or "Don't Accept." Students who do not submit all of the process will not have their essays evaluated and will not earn the points. Student who achieve "accept" will earn 30/30 points. "Wait List" will earn the writer 28/30 points. Students who are "not accepted" will earn 26/30 points.

The process is your ticket in!