Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's coming up

You will have three reviews of your first draft of your college essay.
Power Point Covey overview--details about your Covey presentations.

Covey "Inside/Out" quiz--you may use your annotations.
If you "sticky note," put the stick notes on pieces of paper. If you leave them in the book, you will have limited access to your annotation.
Finish Power Point (as needed)
Work time for your Covey presentations

2nd Draft of college draft due for peer review.

Poetry analysis--we'll show you how to do it!
Work Time for the Covey presentations.

Covey Presentations begin--we will start with Habit 1.
We expect the presentations will be not less than 12 minutes in length--you have to be sure to give us the important information. We will stop you at 20 minutes. PRACTICE!