Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27th and beyond B-day and what follows.

Wednesday, October 28th
Last make up discussion: 2:15 Forsberg's room.

Finish The Metamorophis presentations.
We will discuss the meaning of the text. We will use the protagonist as "our way in."

Friday, October 30th
In-class essay on additional text. You will focus on theme. You will choose one of three prompts that we give you as "ways in to the text." You will use your ID numbers as identifiers.

Monday, November 2nd.
You will peer review a classmates essay.
Once the review is complete, you will do a brief in class reflection on how well you met your goal and what your next goal in essay writing will be.

Tuesday, November 3rd
Discussion about the strengths students have and where the "holes" are.
The House on Mango Street.

Multiple Choice practice test

Friday, November 6th
Additional Novel Reader's Notebook is due.