Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hour 2 Discussion Questions

1. The three sisters ask Esperanza to form a circle, to come back to her roots once she leave Mango Street. Discuss how this relates to Cisneros's cyclical writing style. [refer to passages on p. 3 and p. 109]
2. How does Cisneros use euphemism to contribute to an indirect writing style?
3. What is the significance of Esperanza's change from wanting to escape Mango Street to needing to come back?
4. What is the significance of the setting of Esperanza's rape? How does it relate to the theme?
5. In the chapter entitled "The Three Sisters" how do mood and tone differ and what are they trying to show the reader?
6. What do the shoes in "The Family With Little Feet" represent?
7. Why is Esperanza's age not clearly specified?
8. What does Mango street represent and symbolize?
9. Discuss the purpose of the chapter "And Some More" on page 35.
10. What is the purpose of Sandra Cisneros writing "The House on Mango Street"?