Sunday, November 9, 2008

Showcase Portfolio Reflection

Reflecting on your learning as an AP English 12 student Fall 2008 (Adapted from Concordia University in St. Paul)

The ability to analyze and evaluate one’s own work has been well -documented as a desirable skill,
both for workplace and for lifelong learning (Dunn, Morgan, O'Reilly, & Parry, 2004; Falchikov,
2005; Fink, 2003; Loacker, Gramling, Lieberman, & Stanley, 2000).

Several times this trimester we have asked students to reflect on their strengths, their competencies,
and their shortcomings. We intended that students’ reflections would help them “begin with the
end in mind,” in their quests to become independent learners.

As always, this process assesses your performance only. (Your value as a person is not
dependent on your performance.)

We will assess your essay based on the quality of your reflection on your accomplishments in the areas of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and time managing. We will not be assessing this based on your “growth” as a student. The final essay should be 2-3 pages in length and will be worth up 20 points.

We will be scoring the essays holistically based on the criteria listed below:
Missing: Student has not included this achievement in the reflection.
Beginning: The student’s reflection is superficial and any challenge to involve herself in her learning is absent.
Developing: The student begins to ask what part he plays in forming ideas and improving his learning.
Accomplished: The student discusses the challenges new ideas and learning bring. The student begins to identify areas where she can improve her learning.
Exemplary: The student articulates paradigm shifts in his thinking (or argues effectively for no change in thinking) and discusses the power of his own involvement and perceptions in the learning process and his process for improving his learning.

Reflect on your growth as a
Time Manager

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