Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hour One Questions

1. The house is a powerful recurring symbol in the novel. What does it represent, and how does it convey theme?
2. The syntax ranges from long, rambling sentences to short, sparse sentences. How does the combination of this in the vignettes affect the overall meaning of the text?
3. Examine the places in the text where Cisneros uses Spanish. Why does she choose these words, and how does it affect your reading?
4. Why are Esperanza's shoes significant throughout the text?
5. How does the lack of quotation marks and the simple syntax affect how you read the book?
6. How does the author express the motif of freedom through figurative language?
7. How do Esperanza's plans and expectations shift throughout the book, and why?
8. Evaluate the women and the role they play in Esperanza's life.
9. The color red appears many times throughout the novel. What does the color represent? What is the significance of its placement?
10. There are many chapters involving Sally within a close vicinity of each other in the text. What is this character's significance in the text? How does her presence provide/influence growth for Esperanza?