Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hamlet Papers: The Grades

Most students did fine on the paper. Their score reflect the grades they earned. Seven students scored 100%. Another 20 students earned scores in the "A" range!

Now, some students did not include the minimum amount of research in their papers. Those students lost significant points for that. The lowest score these folks will have entered for them is 65%.

Any student who had the correct number of cited sources did not score less than 70%.

When needed I raised grades to that level.

I have entered the grades into the grade book, but need another day or two to get the grades marked of the papers.

Monday, May 11th will be the day that I will have after school for students who want to build a CEW case of why their paper was assessed incorrectly. Remember:
1. Build the best case you can; you are arguing to convince me my initial assessment was incorrect.
2. Respect works more positively than disrespect.