Sunday, April 26, 2009

What's Coming Up...

Monday, April 27th--
in class essay on additional text
Students who are going on a music tour this week need to come in to see me after school with others from your class for the terms assignment

Poetry Presentation
Review of Friday's essay
Terms Groups (assignment given)
Study group--review Marxist, Feminist, Postcolonial lenses as they relater to Things Fall Apart

Poetry Presentation
Term Time
Literary Lens time

Friday, May 1st
Final in-class essay on Things Fall Apart

Monday, May 4th
Group Term Presentations
Poetry Presentation
Deconstruct test prompts

Poetry Presentation
More test work

MAY 7, 2009
AP Literature test

Friday, May 8th
Poetry presentations (make up for May 7th)

Monday, May 11th
Showcase Portfolio work begins. Come prepared by bringing your "stuff"!