Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Calendar: The Big Things Through Spring Break

This calendar is tentative and subject to change:
Friday, March 13th--In-Class Essay: Bring poems from this week, a PEN, and some loose leaf paper. Check list for paper distributed.
Monday, March 16th--Essays returned. Questions. Writing Workshop
A-Day--Body paragraphs due. Typed. Peer Review
B-Day--Part 1 H of D due--discussion
Friday, March 20th--Review Introductions and Conclusion.

Monday, March 23rd--Draft 1 of entire paper due--peer review
A-Day--Part 2 H of D due--discussion
Friday, March 27th--Draft 2 of entire paper due--peer review. 3 P.M. DEADLINE FOR POINTS OF ALL PROCESS WORK. No points will be earned after this time. Remember that ALL work must be completed, however, to earn bonus points.

Monday, March 30th Final paper and the entire process is due at the beginning of the class period. Students who are planning to be absent should make arrangements to submit the paper on time or before. Students who are unexpectedly absent MUST email the final copy to Forsberg by 11:59 PM.--Things Fall Apart distributed. We will be studying this text as a response to Conrad.

A-Day--Part 3 completed. Discussion of H of D.
B-Day--Literary Lenses and another look at H of D.
Friday, April 3rd--Practice test--Multiple Choice.

Spring Break!!

Monday, April 13th Students should be finishing up Achebe/Presentations on literary lenses.