Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paper Check in question

A student wrote to ask about getting things checked off concerning the process:
1. The body paragraphs count as one item to check off.
2. The peer review you did for someone else counts as one check off.
3. If you had them stamped the day we did them in class, you need to show me the stamp to get both of these items marked in the book.

For the first draft of the paper,
1. Revise the body paragraphs based on the feedback that you received from the peer review. I will stamp this on the day. This stamp will indicate that you have draft one of the paper and have completed the peer review that day.

For people who don't have stamps on their papers, you will need to see me about getting both things signed off. It would work best if you and your partner came in together so I could see your work and the peer review you completed.