Monday, March 16, 2009

Due Dates versus Last Day for Full Credit

1. Things are due the dates outlined. The purpose for the extra time is for those students who need to revise before their work is complete.
2. Because some students are new at this, they are waiting until the final day for full-credit to get things signed off. The panic that permeated my room after school on Friday illustrates that some students wait until work becomes urgent before they take care of the important work. Don't let this happen to you. If this continues to be a problem, I will set aside seven times for APPOINTMENTS to meet with people after school.
3. I will be available most days before school for students who want to come in for help. Please let me know that you want to come in so I can make arrangements. I will not continue to meet with people after the five-minute bell rings.
4. I will not be available to meet with people during my prep period. That is my time during the school day to prepare the things I need to finish to be able to teach effectively.
5. I will not be available after school on Wednesday or at 3 pm. I should be available most other times. People who want help with their paper we take precedence over people who have things to sign off.