Thursday, March 12, 2009

H of D Part 1 section 2

1. Marlow seems to have a strong attitude about women and the world they live in "too beautiful all together."
2. Where Marlow is going is the center of the continent and the center of the earth.
3. Look at the descriptions:
of the jungle
of the trading posts
of the indigenous peoples.
4. There seem to be lots of images of death.
5. Look at the comparisons made by size.
6. Is this a pilgrimage? Someone alludes to that.
7. This is the quotation of the Swedish captain: "It is funny what some of these people will do for a few francs a month. I wonder what becomes of that kind when it goes up country."
8. Pay attention to the broken machinery. Why is that important?
9. "This objectless blasting wall all that was going on."
10. Pay attention to the descriptions of the black people. Pay particular attention to how Marlow (and Conrad?) dehumanizes them.
11. Why is there so much mention of "devil" here?
12. Amidst all this is the accountant. Describe what he's like. Posit on the difference. What is Conrad trying to tell us?
13. We first hear about Kurtz from the accountant. Note what he says.
14. IVORY!