Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ethnocentrisim and H o D.

As I've been reading the HoD, I keep coming back to the concept of "Ethnocentrism." As I have listened to discussion, I keep coming back to the concept of "Ethnocentrism." None of my students have brought up "Ethnocentrism," so I thought I would--here on the blog.

1. This link is to a definitions of "Ethnocentrism." I think the first two, will give you a good idea.

2. This link is to an Anthropology site at Indiana University Indianapolis. It's more in-depth, but some of the explanations might put the concept into perspective for you.

3. This link is to a site my a College that prepares people to be missionaries for the Church of the Nazarene. It will give you their perspective on the issue and why it's "bad."

I hope you'll take a look to get an idea of what ethnocentrism is. I think it will help you understand Heart of Darkness.