Friday, March 27, 2009

Heart of Darkness Part 3 Section 3

Look at the connections between Kurtz and the river. What is Conrad telling us? Why would he do this?

Be aware of the pilgrims’ attitudes toward Marlow. Watch for details about the change.

Look at Kurtz’s repetition of “My…”

What’s the significance of Kurtz being in the light and saying that he is in darkness?

Kurtz’s last words: “The horror! The horror!”

The manager’s “boy” announces Kurtz’s death.

Pilgrims bury Kurtz.
Why the repetition of “without” on page 69?
Look at Marlow’s description of Kurtz on page 69.

What is Marlow’s interpretation of “The horror!”?
Marlow returns to the sepulchral city.

Notice the people who are with Marlow. Why would Conrad have Marlow get sick here?

Look at what people say about Kurtz after he’s dead. Look for a pattern. See if you can make it make sense.

The Intended: Notice—the portrait is of “a girl”—not “a woman.” What attitude does that give us? Describe The Intended and her surroundings. What do those descriptions reveal? How does Marlow connect Kurtz and The Intended?

Look at the repetition on the bottom of page 71.

Reread “The Hollow Men” then reread the paragraph on page 72 “I thought his memory was like other…” Connections?

Page 74 The Intended says that Kurtz had plans. If Kurtz represents Europe, what significance is there to the plans?

Most people would think that Marlow lies to The Intended about Kurtz’s last words to spare her feelings. Maybe so…but Conrad is ending his story with a lie. Why would Conrad do that?

Can we make a connection between Kurtz actual last lines and what Marlow says they are?
Look at the last paragraph. Posit why Conrad would end this story in this way.