Thursday, March 19, 2009

H o D Part 2 Section 2

Who is the intruder being talked about? It seems as if the boat is “dying” here. p40.

Pay attention to the land being cloaked in darkness at night and equally cloaked in white the next morning when it’s in fog. What does Marlow say about it?

One of the pilgrims has sandy hair and red whiskers. He’s a white man.

The crew is made up of black men and white men, but none of the crew belongs here. Notice the reaction of the man with the oiled ringlets. Also note how the “company” treats the black crew members and Marlow’s reaction to that treatment.

What does Marlow start thinking in terms of the black crew members? Think deeply about his reactions. They are important. p. 43

Why aren’t they making progress up river in this section? What does this reveal? Have we seen this before?

What about the helmsman? Think about the irony of Marlow’s description of him. Pay attention to the people on the shore defending their land. Notice Marlow’s reaction to the helmsman. Marlow makes a connection between the helmsman and Kurtz.